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Dear Friend,

I want you to start your own B2B business by helping local businesses in your town or city with their marketing efforts.

The offer on the table today is JUST THAT!

It is about real businesses (YOU) helping other real businesses grow, thrive and survive.

There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses in South Africa that URGENTLY need help marketing themselves in a smart and effective ways.

In the last few years businesses have thrown their money at advertising and marketing methods that simply doesn’t work anymore. But it gets even worse. The results of their efforts and the money they have spent can’t be tracked. They have no idee what to do next.

That is why Local Business Owners are losing faith in the idea that got their business started in the first place. It is a terrible situation and this frustration and feeling is reflected in today’s economy.

I NEED you to come onboard to help these business owners.

It is not going to take a day or two to get you ready. It is going to take a bit longer because everything in this world that is worth while takes hard work and dedication.

But I can promise you this.

When you say YES to this invitation you will position yourself to EARN huge amounts of money and in many cases, cash every single day.

Let me explain…

When you come on board you will need to learn a few basic skills.

Don’t worry, we will teach you, and yes, some of those skills are a little bit technical but honestly, they are easy to follow.

The hard part will be for you to understand the: “Why, The How and Where The Money Lives!”

Let me try and show you what I mean in my 5-step process.


I make it easy for myself. I first look for businesses that are already spending money on marketing and advertising.

Look for junk mail in your postbox, local newspaper ads, etc. You know, practically every home, yours probably too, has a powerful free lead source: It is called the Yellow Pages.

The point is – those business owners who already spend money on advertising know that they need to spend money to make money. This step saves me time because I don’t have to explain the concept of spending money on advertising to them.

These are the types of businesses who will be your FIRST clients/prospects.


Get your new prospects attention.

Your new B2B Tribe Building System, the one you will receive soon is your PERFECT tool, but there is more.

We will show you step-by-step, in a few simple videos, how to use your B2B system to send the perfect letter and information to your prospects.

But there is something else as well. Until a few months ago I have kept this as my personal secret and have not shared it to anyone. But I am going to share this with you now.

I made a few short videos to explain to different types of business owners why they need to change their marketing methods and what they can expect if they do.

I burned the Videos Info Ads on DVD’s, print them nicely, and then send them with a cover letter to the business owners I wanted in my TRIBE.

I can tell you now – for weeks my “phone rang of the hook”!

You can do the same. It is easy and I will show you what to do.


The amazing thing is, in the beginning, many business owners ignored my DVD. They received it but ever bothered to watch it.
But I found a way to “open their eyes”

On each package I wrote the words.

“Warning: This DVD will also be sent to your Local Competitors” ACT NOW TO AVOID THIS

After that little note my DVD’s and letters always got opened and in many cases the prospect (company owners) begs me to work with them because of what I wrote in my letters.

Would you like that…business owners who big you to take their money?

Me personally – I love it!


What I do next was good for me AND very good for my clients as well.

Here is what I do:

I asked for MORE money by making myself “hard to get”.

I very professionally explained to the Business Owner (prospect) that I will only work on a one-on-one basis with one single business of each type in the area.

They quickly understood my reasoning, become serious about what I have to offer and then they listened and they responded quickly.


My last step was easy. I closed the deal and asked to be paid up frond for at least 60% of the total costs.

I then got the job done, much better than they expected, and got paid again. And then I stared to build long term business relationships.

I remember once I closed a deal at about 11:00 in the morning and at about five o’clock that same afternoon another business owners who received my DVD phoned me. He begging me to work with him but I said NO, it’s too late.

I stuck to my guns and explained that I couldn’t help him – the slot I had for Real Estate Agents was already filled by his competitor.

By keeping my promise to my original customer, I earned respect and the story got even better.

My new client upgraded is service package with me and two weeks later he signed for a monthly retainer service fee with me.

My Invitation To You

Please accept my offer and invitation today and use the five steps I explained above.

My doing this you will start something beautiful and grow your business bigger than you ever thought possible.

Whether you want to do this part time, on your own or build a complete Marketing Consulting firm with partners and shareholders, this is a real business, helping real businesses.

One last point – you need to understand how BIG this market is:

We’re talking about everything from doctors, dentists, contractors, authors, experts, speakers, consultants, coaches, bookkeepers, attorneys, restaurants, auto dealers, furniture dealers, spas, burglar alarm companies and even…

Jewelers, Accountants, Private tutors, Private Medical Practices, Nutritionists, Auto-Repair Shops, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Home Builders, Home Theater Installers…

Virtually every business in the world needs help capturing, converting and closing customers and they will pay you to do it for them.

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine. I don’t want to push you to do anything you don’t want too.

But as a last thought – let me share this truth with you.

Here is to the Entrepreneur…the builder, the creator, action-taker and wealth-maker who see potential and opportunities where others see emptiness.

They are fiercely independent – they don’t wait for anything or someone else to take care of them – they take care of themselves.

They make IT happen by sheer will and determination.

They are artists who turn ideas into valuable products and services for millions.

They turn deserts into an oasis and dreams into reality.

They invent, inspire, and make the world a better place by creating jobs, giving back and changing lives.

Entrepreneurs are the unrecognized heroes on this planet we call earth!

Want to joint us?

Then simply watch the video(s) on this site, download the free report and contact us.

We will do the rest.

Thank you


PS – This project is supported by the SA Chamber of Entrepreneurs (SACE)

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